Finding Home

A Circle Leader’s Story As told to writer Cindy Baldwin I lay on the floor of my silent mobile home praying to God that there would be some way out, bargaining with Him that there would be some way I could get my kids back. I had left an abusive husband and my family a […]

Building Character

A Circle Leader’s Story as told to Anne Kirchner Why the heck did God let all these horrible things happen to me? I’ve always been told God watches over his children with care and tenderness. If that’s true, then tell me why. Why was I molested by my cousin at age four? Why was I […]

Facing Poverty in McPherson County

Circles of McPherson County, Kansas, has teamed up with The Facing Project to share first person accounts of people who face poverty each day. The stories were written by local writers and will be told by local storytellers so that we, as an entire community, can come together by Facing Poverty in McPherson County. Please join us […]